April already and EASTER falls in Middle of the month .. We celebrate Easter Sunday on the 12th. April this year .. The Easter we celebrate today is a curious blend of the religious and the secular; of Paganism, Judaism and Christianity. Some say the word Easter is derived from Eostre (also known as Ostara), an ancient Anglo-Saxon Goddess. She symbolized the rebirth of the day at dawn and the rebirth of life in the spring.This year we are facing a forced period of introspection with what is going on globally.. Time for going within and possibly recreating our lives in some different ways when we come out of isolation .. Make the most of the next two weeks as Easter is a great time for bringing ourselves back to life, to see what can be done ahead, learning from the past and creating a great future.
APRIL gives us Daisies for this month and the Crystals, Diamond, Opal and Sapphire ..
As the world is in lock down and we cannot travel to our favourite destinations at present, I am working online on SKYPE and FACETIME for Reiki Healing, Readings and Consultations, so if you need me just give me a call and make an appointment. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE !  Blessings until we meet once again on the next tour later in 2020 planned for EGYPT … ~ Dr.O.~ #egypt #traveltoegypt #spiritualjourneys #touregypt #spirit #easter2020 #egypt2020 #reikimaster #spiritualhealer #healer #tourguide #spiritualtours #bali #tourbali #travelbali #retreats

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